Nuke The Old Uke/Alabamy Clay…

The bug got a new uke. It’s a bit of a step up from her pink beginner’s uke and it’s wooden. Regardless of appearance, it sounds better…


A friend told me that at the Guitar Center stores they won’t allow anyone to play “Stairway To Heaven” in the store. I’ve never been interested to learn it but this prohibition has inspired me to learn just enough of the intro to maybe one day get thrown out of the store. In other news, Sebastian and I traveled down to Birmingham for the Alabama Clay Conference. I was a bit remiss in the photography department but managed to get a few shots. A good time was had by all and I got to reconnect with acquaintances that are fast becoming friends. There was the big Alabama clay sale reception the first night, the presenters’ exhibition reception the second night and the big beer party/mug exchange the third night. I got lucky this year and got Megan Gulland’s stached mug…


Here’s a shot of the commode that’s askew…


I see now that it’s at a hangle to allow a bit more space to step in and out of the shower but still it seems a bit of bad planning at the very least. Here’s some shots from the clay conference. I apologize for the quality of some of the shots at the exhibition. It was in a very cool space with big windows and although there was probably plenty of light during the day, it was quite dark that evening so many of the shots were just too dark to be worth posting…


Mr. Beasecker throwing very precise pieces. Here’s some of his cups…


Gary and Daphne Hatcher presented also and had great stories of there idyllic pottery in Texas. Here’s Gary throwing…


I didn’t get a good pic of Daphne on stage but here’s a piece (albeit dark) that was at the reception. It’s quite big and looked almost like cast bronze on the exterior…


Last but not least was Bonnie Seeman. I’ve always admired her work and after seeing her presentation at the end I am even more admiring. Here’s one of the pieces she was working on and then a couple that were at the show…




I also got to see 4 of Curtis Benzle’s pieces. I always loved his work but had never had the opportunity to see any in person. They are so beautiful and delicate and translucent…


I don’t usually hawk for others but I bought Mr. Sherrill’s new trim tool which I thought a bit steep but I have to report that I love this tool. If you have a foot fetish like me and spend too much time trimming, this is quite a fine tool…


Lastly, I’m experiment with something completely different and I’m not sure where it’s going or if it’s going but am quite excited by the prospects…


That’s all I have.

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One Response to “Nuke The Old Uke/Alabamy Clay…”

  1. claudia Says:

    I like the new work. Can’t wait to see how you finish it.

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