Cool May Day…

For my 500th post I’d like to start by kvetching about the endless “special” days… you’ve heard it before, Mother’s day, Derby Day, Memorial Day, Valentine’s Day, Thunder Over Louisville, Easter, Tie You Own Shoes Day, Walk Backwards Day, Clean The Camera Lens Appreciation Day, Grey Moustache Awareness Day, Hammer Toe Awareness Day, Dogwood Pruning Day, Don’t Buy Reading Glasses Day, Do These Make My Cankles Show Day, We Need More Days Day, Green Day, National Haircut Day, Integumentary Care Day, Peeing Outdoors Day, Clean Your Dashboard Day, No Deodorant Day, Train Graffiti Awareness Day, Don’t Give Me That Day, Busboy Day, Pepperoncini On Your Pizza Day, Ignore Facebook Day, Chase A Raccoon With A Broom Day, Unmarried Sister Awareness Day, Going Off My Diet Day, Throw One Back For Me Day, Ride Your Bike One-Handed Day, Swim With Long Pants On Day, Dig A Tunnel In Your Back Yard To China Day, Shoot At Aircraft With Your Homemade Potato Gun Day, Oh, Isn’t It Such A Coincidence That Two People In A Room Of Over 500 Have The Same Birthday Day, Drive Without Texting Day (actually that one got shortened to Drive Without Texting Hour because no one could do it for a whole day), Save Your Toenails In A Mint Tin Day, Sit Without Crossing Your Legs Day, Steal A Fork At Lunch Day… oh shite, the list goes on and on. Actually we are having the coolest spring weather in memory. It’s 54 degrees as I type and it’s May 12th. Anyway, went out to the mount last night for Amelia Stamp’s opening reception. There was a lot of nice work. Here’s a bunch of pics…










Here’s Amelia herself on the right with Joy…


Last but certainly not least, here’s the bug with a strawberry the size of an apple…


I finally have gotten back on the wheel after months of shellacking. Some greenware…



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3 Responses to “Cool May Day…”

  1. soubriquet Says:

    Torque like a pie-rat day?

  2. Karrie heat treating ceramics Says:

    I wish I could eat and drink out/off of pottery everyday. It’s just so beautiful! Thanks for sharing all these pictures. It’s true inspiration.

  3. M@ Says:

    You forgot, “holy crap, my beautiful daughter is growing up so fast day!” (Or does that overlap with graduation day?).

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